"People at the Center of Research and Innovation for Health"

August 24 - 27  |  PICC, Metro Manila, Philippines

Increasing Investments

Global health research and innovation often focuses on a small set of diseases or conditions but we also need to find solutions for many challenges that are more local, less visible and more chronic. From innovative financing mechanisms, to lessons from public-private partnerships, to crowd-funding of research and (disruptive) innovations—how can we increase available resources to scale up research and innovation for health in both high-income and low- and middle-income countries?

Program Sessions:

1.  Leveraging partnerships, joining forces: global-local, public-private, industry-academe
2.  Increasing investments for innovative and practical solutions to priority healthcare challenges
3.  Increasing public expenditure on research and innovation in emerging economies
4.  “It’s not just the money!”: Sharing risks and rewards to maximize the potential of IP