"People at the Center of Research and Innovation for Health"

August 24 - 27  |  PICC, Metro Manila, Philippines

Food and Nutrition Safety and Security

Food safety, security and sustainability are the basis on which health is built. Without it, all other innovations are of little use. The world is still trying to address devastating levels of under-nutrition, while the problem of over-nutrition is emerging as a serious health risk in populations across the globe. The safety of available food supplies and the sustainability of production and packaging are the next key challenges to be addressed by research and innovation for health.

Program Sessions:

1.  Nutrition Economics Equity and Disparity
2.  Advances in Nutrigenomics for Non-Communicable Diseases
3.  Evidence for the changing role of food fortification
4.  Nutrition Risk Reduction during Disasters
5.  Smarter Food Production to Address Food Insecurity
6.  Nutrients Requirement and Food Intake in SEAsia : Research Gaps and Policy Implications